We are a Pharmaceutical Bulk Cargo Exporter of all kinds of generic drugs around the globe. We supply freight for universal exchange in regard to drug store results in India. We do payload mass supplying of top quality drug store items around the globe notwithstanding drug store wholesale business.

As a Cargo Bulk Supplier & Bulk  Exporter of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Sriya Life Science gives drug store freight mass supplying to global customers and verify that the merchandise are delivered to them in legitimate and usable condition. We make sure that the bulk products are well packed and shipped so that there is no misusing of the merchandise that we supply. We are the pioneers in Pharmacy payload mass cargo bulk supplier and have been doing it for years.


Sriya Life Science bridges the gap between demand and supply for a variety of international branded medicines in real-time all around the world. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is on track to reach a market value of US$ 100 billion by 2025. Bulk pharmaceuticals, drug formulations intermediates, biologicals, Ayush, and herbal products are among India’s pharmaceutical exports, which totaled US$ 16.3 billion in FY20.



India labeled the “World Pharmacy,” is a prominent player in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals around the world. India exports pharmaceuticals to more than 200 countries worldwide. Because of their great quality and affordable price, Indian medications are popular internationally. India is one of the top ten formulation exporting countries in the world, ranking fourth in terms of volume and tenth in terms of value. 

We have successfully launched a range of affordable pharmaceutical drugs that are accessible across the globe. Our progress is aided by cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing from research through development to commercialization.

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