Atium 25 mg (Atracurium Besilate Injection)



Atracurium Besylate Injection is a skeletal muscle relaxant that is used in combination with anesthesia to assist endotracheal intubation and to calm skeletal muscles during surgery or mechanical breathing. Generic atracurium besylate injection is available.

Atracurium besylate injection has the following common adverse effects:

  • flushed or irritated skin
  • hives
  • itching
  • injection site reactions
  • wheezing
  • rapid heart rate
  • response to allergen
  • musculoskeletal impedimenta inadequacy
  • hypertension
  • palpitations

Use in combination with general anesthesia

Only intravenous injections should be used to give Atracurium Besilate Injection. Atracurium Besilate Injection should not be administered intramuscularly due to the risk of tissue irritation and the lack of clinical evidence to support this practice.

Besylate Injection should not be provided until the patient is unconscious, in order to minimize suffering.

Not to be combined with alkaline solutions in the same syringe or injected at the same time via the same needle: Atracurium Besilate Injection

Atracurium Besilate Injection, like other neuromuscular blocking medications, requires monitoring of neuromuscular function in order to tailor dose needs.


Tell your doctor about all of the drugs and supplements you use, including vitamins and herbal supplements. Atracurium besylate should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision when pregnant. It is not known whether this medicine reaches the breast milk of breastfeeding women. Consult your physician before beginning to breastfeed.


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