Enoxion (Enoxaparin Injection IP)


Enoxaparin is used to prevent and treat harmful blood clots. This helps to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. This medication helps keep your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the activity of clotting proteins in the blood. Enoxaparin is an anticoagulant, also known as a “blood thinner.” It is a type of heparin.

Conditions which increase your risk of developing blood clots include certain types of surgeries (such as knee/hip replacement, abdominal), long periods of being immobile, certain types of heart attack, and a specific type of chest pain called unstable angina. For some medical conditions, enoxaparin may be used in combination with other “blood thinners.

Uses of Enoxaparin Injection IP-

  • Used to prevent blood clots.
  • Used to thin your blood.
  • May be used as a combination therapy.
  • Used in combination with aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

Side effects-

  • Bleeding
  • Anemia
  • Pain and bruising
  • Fever
  • swelling in your legs