Artate (Artesunate 60 mg & 120mg)


ARTESUNATE is a malaria treatment that uses an artemisinin derivative. It is preferable over quinine as an intravenous form for severe malaria. It is frequently used in conjunction with mefloquine as part of a combination treatment. The use of artesunate is not suggested for malaria prophylaxis.



Headaches, nausea, bradycardia, stomach pain, body aches, vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea are some of the most prevalent side effects.



  • Due to the potential for hepatotoxic consequences, patients with hepatic impairment should be given special attention.
  • Delaying treatment for severe malaria during pregnancy may result in substantial morbidity and mortality for both the mother and the fetus.
  • Following treatment with artesunate 120 mg injection, patients should be informed that they must finish the necessary oral antimalarial therapy.
  • Patients should be informed that regular blood tests are required for the 4-week period following treatment completion in order to check for post-treatment delayed hemolysis.
  • Renal function, hyperglycemia, and hepatic/hematological function should all be evaluated throughout treatment. Signs of toxicity, such as neurological problems and chronic vomiting/rash, should be observed.



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