Dalacin C (Clindamycin 300 mg, 600mg)


Dalacin C (Clindamycin 300 mg or 600 mg) is an antibiotic that helps the body fight germs.  Dalacin C (Clindamycin) is a drug that is used to treat serious bacterial infections. Clindamycin can be used for a variety of other purposes that aren’t covered in this medication guide.



Clindamycin can cause severe diarrhea, which can lead to potentially fatal intestinal problems. Stop taking this prescription and see your doctor if you get watery or bloody diarrhea.

If you have a renal illness, liver disease, an intestinal disorder such as colitis or Crohn’s disease, or a history of asthma, eczema, or an allergic skin reaction, tell your doctor before using clindamycin.

Take clindamycin for the full amount of time advised. Before the infection is totally eliminated, your symptoms may improve. You may still get a medication-resistant infection if you skip doses. If you have a viral infection, such as a common cold, Clindamycin will not benefit you.


Clindamycin is an antibiotic that is used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. It’s an antibiotic that works by preventing germs from growing. This antibiotic is solely used to treat bacterial infections. If you have a viral infection, it will not work (such as common cold, flu). When an antibiotic is used when it isn’t needed, it loses its effectiveness for future infections.


Dalacin C  Capsule is an antibiotic that prevents bacteria from growing in your body. This antibiotic is used to treat infections of the lungs (pneumonia), stomach, skin and soft tissues, bones and joints, blood, and heart.

Even if you start to feel better after a few days on this medication, you should keep taking it as prescribed. If you quit too soon, the infection may come back and be more difficult to treat.


The majority of side effects are minor and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication. If they don’t go away or you’re concerned, see your doctor.

Common side effects

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Pain
  • Nausea


Follow your doctor’s instructions on the dosage and duration of this medication. Dalacin C 300mg Capsule can be taken with or without meals, although it is recommended that you take it at the same time each day.



Dalacin C  is a capsule-based antibiotic. It operates by inhibiting the creation of critical proteins that bacteria need to perform their functions. As a result, the bacteria are unable to reproduce, and the infection cannot spread.


Sriya Life Science is a third-party manufacturer, pharmaceutical exporter, and medicine supplier with operations in Brazil, Cambodia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Nigeria, Seychelles, and Sudan. Dalacin C (Clindamycin 300 mg, 600mg)) is an antibiotic medicine manufactured by us. It aids in the treatment of bacterial infections.



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