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Faulty Pharmaceuticals – Deadly Medicine

In American medicine, the prescription and use of pharmaceuticals has increased exponentially in recent decades. A number of factors contributed to this dramatic peak. For example, scientific advancements that have taken place due to huge research expenditures have led to the discovery and creation of drugs capable of treating previously incurable conditions. Another possibility is that earlier drugs have been replaced by similar drugs which are much more effective, which encourages those who were previously skeptical to consider taking the newer products available.

But there are also socially less beneficial factors in the growth of prescription and nonprescription drug sales. The questionable relationships between drug companies and Medicine Exporter have served to create a culture in which doctors are eager to write prescriptions, even for patients whose health may not be helped. They do this in the pursuit of incentive-based rewards and benefits offered as a means of increasing the profits of a and Pharma Exporter Companies. Unfortunately, when pharmaceutical manufacturers turn their attention too far to revenue and too far to the health and well-being of patients, the lives of patients can be needlessly put at risk.


Deadly Pharmaceutical Failures-

The chemical combinations deployed in medicine are somewhat of a mixed blessing for healthcare consumers. On the one hand, they can cure or regulate symptoms associated with episodes of illness or chronic diseases. On the other, however, they are substances so powerful that they can seriously harm or even kill someone. While there are regulations that require Bulk Drugs Cargo Exporter companies to submit the results of their clinical trials and include written warnings about side effects, the reliability of these results should be considered somewhat suspect.

Often times, the Food and Drug Administration fails to provide the intensive surveillance that is necessary to keep dangerous drugs from reaching drugstore shelves. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are in a hurry to bring new products to market, so they are unwilling to spend the time or effort testing the widest possible range of external factors that can cause fatal side effects. Some of the problems that arise can include or be caused by:


  • Contaminated drugs
  • Incorrect labeling
  •  Inappropriate storage or transport
  • Pharmacy error
  • Not reported side effects
  • Tests of manipulated drugs


Protect Your Rights-

Unfortunately, it is only when the client taking a drug is killed that a more careful eye is brought to certain drugs. If your loved one has lost their life due to a faulty pharmaceutical product, you may be able to take legal action against a negligent pharmacist or drug company.

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