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Molnupiravir- An Oral Antiviral Treatment for COVID-19

Clinical investigations found that the drug reduced the likelihood of hospitalization and mortality in at-risk persons by 50%, according to the company’s interim study.

Sriya Life Science is a molnupiravir bulk cargo exporter ( Molnuvir) and pharmaceutical supplier and wholesaler of generic drugs.

A novel and effective Covid-19 drug, if approved by health regulators, might be a flexible tool for doctors to treat Covid-19 patients, perhaps saving lives. While there are other Covid-19 therapies available, many of them are extremely costly, difficult to administer, in short supply, or only slightly effective. Meanwhile, despite a lack of evidence, drugs such as ivermectin, an antiparasitic treatment, and hydroxychloroquine, an antimalaria therapy, have gained favor in some quarters.

Molnupiravir, which was developed to treat influenza, may be able to solve some of these concerns. In comparison to other Covid-19 medications that need costly intravenous infusions, such as monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma, it is administered as a twice-daily batch of four tablets over the course of five days. The antiviral redeliver, which is now the only one available, to treat Covid-19, a drug with complete FDA clearance must also be injected into the circulation.

A medicine called molnupiravir (named Molnuvir) could also assist fill in gaps in Covid-19 vaccine coverage in the US and overseas.

Viruses are tough to eradicate. They are passive parasites that cannot reproduce unless they take over the machinery of a host cell. This makes it incredibly difficult to design drugs that may disrupt a virus’s life cycle without inflicting collateral damage to healthy human cells. Because viruses evolve so fast, even the most effective therapy might lose its efficacy over time.

Bacteria, on the other hand, have all of the biological machinery required to multiply themselves. Antibiotics, a type of treatment, may kill numerous germs while causing little harm to humans because their mechanism is sufficiently unique from that of human cells.

New drugs, such as molnupiravir, need further research and evaluation, but they hold the possibility of a more powerful, customized treatment. Molnupiravir, for example, may be especially useful since it is administered early in the disease’s progression. Because it is merely a tablet, it may spare the patient a trip to the clinic for a transfusion for medicines such as monoclonal antibodies. This reduces the possibility of an infected patient disseminating the virus to medical professionals, as well as the possibility of transfusion-related complications.


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