What should be done in the case of COVID-19?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), an infectious disease.
The great majority of patients infected with COVID-19 will have mild to moderate symptoms and will be able to heal on their own. Some will, on the other hand, become dangerously ill and require medical attention.
The first and most critical point is to isolate the individual, the sick. If this is not practicable, they should be assigned to a specific section of the house and have their movements restricted. Also, at the very least, one meter should be kept between them and anyone else. Second, enough ventilation is required in the patient’s room as well as any shared areas. As a result, it is vital to have as much fresh, clean water as possible.

And all it takes is a few cracks in the windows. Unfortunately, it has to be safe to do so. Third, that patient should only have one caregiver, and that caregiver should not have an underlying condition. Fourth, whenever patients receive care, they should wear a medical mask, as should the caregiver. They must also wash their hands as soon as the caregiver exits the room. In addition, the patients should have their own designated or personalized dishes and cups, towels, and bed linens.

And these can be washed at least once a day with soap and water. Importantly, any frequently touched surfaces by the patient must be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, and any waste generated by that patient must be safely packed. Finally, unfortunately, no visitors should be permitted while the patient is ill.

More COVID 19 treatment options are now available. The FDA recently approved one COVID-19 drug treatment and authorized others for emergency use in this scenario: the antiviral drug Azhitromycin (Athrin) injection for adults and certain pediatric COVID-19 patients who require hospitalization.

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