Tigibact 50 mg (Tigecycline for Injection USP)



 Tigecycline(Tigibact) is an antibiotic that helps fight bacterial infections in the human body. Among the various bacterial infections that Tigecycline is used to treat include skin and digestive system infections as well as pneumonia. It is best to use tigecycline only for infections that are resistant to other medications.

tigecycline injection (Tigibact) may cure a variety of dangerous infections, including community-acquired pneumonia (a lung infection that occurred outside of the hospital), skin infections, and abdominal infections (area between the chest and the waist). Pneumonia that has occurred in persons who are on ventilators or have been hospitalized should not be treated with tigecycline injection. Tetracycline antibiotics include Tigecycline injection, which belongs to the tetracycline family. Infection-causing microorganisms are killed by this treatment.

In the case of colds, flu, or any other viral illness, antibiotics such as tigecycline injection will not be effective. You run the risk of developing an infection that is resistant to antibiotics if you use antibiotics when they are not necessary.

Usage Restrictions

Diabetic foot infections should not be treated with Tigecycline injections. In a clinical investigation, tigecycline injections for the treatment of diabetic foot infections failed to show non-inferiority.

Hospital-acquired or ventilator-associated pneumonia should not be treated with tigecycline for injection. In a clinical investigation, tigecycline-treated individuals were shown to have a higher death rate and a lower effectiveness rate.

How Tigercycline Injection should be used?

It is injected intravenously and is given as a liquid-to-powder solution. Over the course of 30 to 60 minutes, once every 12 hours, it is injected into the bloodstream (into a vein). Treatment time is determined on the type of infection you have and how well your body reacts to medication.

In the first few days of tigecycline injectable treatment, you should notice an improvement in your health and energy levels. Call your doctor if your symptoms don’t improve or worsen.

You should continue to use the tigecycline injectable even if you feel better. It is possible that your infection may not be fully cured if you stop using tigecycline injection too early or miss doses.


  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • white or yellow vaginal discharge
  • itching of the vagina
  • heartburn
  • loss of appetite
  • headache


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